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About Vanilla Trade

Vanilla-Trade was created with the aim of bringing the original Mexican Vanilla to a steady positioning within the world market. We are a Mexican leading social enterprise committed to the sustainable vanilla development through promotion and support to producers.

We have own vanilla plantations and are involved in creating small holder farmers into cooperatives, increase national vanilla production, spreading the vanilla cultivation to different local communities, progate organic farming while concerned with the environment and equitable sharing. Vanilla-Trade is an enterprise which has specialised in promoting Mexican Gourmet Vanilla. The company was founded 2005 and distributes from Veracruz, high quality Vanilla from it’s original origin Mexico.

Since 2009 Vanilla-Trade associated with farmers on site to optimise production and distribution and to support sustainable vanilla cultivation from small, regional farmers. In 2011 Alfagama S.A. de C.V. was created to be the mother company of the trademarks Vanilla- Trade and Kua Kama. Since 2019 we iniciated our own vanilla plantations mainly in rainforest in an agroforestal cultivation with tutor trees. The founders, german Nadja Schumann and her Mexican partner Jose Manuel Rodriguez Nieto want to make Mexican Gourmet Vanilla -a world heritage food from Mexico - available worldwide for connoisseurs, food specialist, food lovers and manufactures and on the same time propagate nationally vanilla cultivation to a wider region & support farmers to help that this in Mexico originated spice does not disappear.

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