... and the youth Chocolati, so tells an old Mexican legend, loved each other very much. A bad magician, who grudged them their love, transformed Chocolati in a tree and Vanila in an orchid. However, the love of the both was so strong that the orchid Vanila embraced the tree Chocolati like the girl once had embraced her lover. And it's said that who picks the fruits of the tree and the orchid and prepares for himself a drink from it, will feel nothing but love.

Still today the vanilla counts as the "queen of all spices". Our Mexican Gourmet Vanilla distinguishes itself by an unmistakeable, especially fine aroma. This originates from the interaction of more than 40 single aromas, which only the natural cured vanilla blends in itself. Gourmets not only use it to bestow a special flavour to sweet dishes but give also many savoury dishes a quite special note.

You receive our, hand sorted, Mexican Gourmet Vanilla as: whole beans in premium quality, an intensely aromatic vanilla powder or as a high-quality vanilla essence. Small amounts you can comfortably order in our on-line shop. For business clients who require bigger amounts please ask for an individual quotation.Contact.



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