A. Company information and product information
Vanilla-Trade is an enterprise which has specialized in promoting Mexican Gourmet Vanilla within Europe. We buy our vanilla beans mainly from small producers from the region of Papantla, the heart and origin of all vanilla. Here the typical vanilla aroma is still generated exclusively by solar and aerial drying.
In the cultivation process of the vanilla mainly natural fertilizers are used.

Our objective is to give these marvelous and extremely aromatic vanilla beans again a steady positioning within the European market and also to help the small farmer in Mexico to achieve a fairer income. The Mexican Vanilla is the original & first Vanilla in the world. It has its entirely own taste with special characteristics which develop only here in Mexico through the corresponding ground and climate conditions. Mexico has in comparison to other countries only a moderate small harvest due to traditional cultivation manner.

The goods we promote contain usually a high percentage of humidity between 35-45% and also a higher percentage of Lipid (11-13,9%), Protein (5,9-6,7%) and Fibres (19-20%) than the common Vanilla bean form Madagascar/ Reunion. On average our Vanilla beans contain 2% Vanillin content. This details come from random sample analysis of the „Nutrition Analytical Service, Institute of Aquaculture University of Stirling, Scotland“ and the laboratory „Arotop Food & Enviromente GmbH“, Germany.

We offer you vanilla beans in 3 quality categories as well as vanilla split, vanilla powder, vanilla sugar & vanilla extract. For all of those products you find quality definitions and prices in our online-shop. For lager order amounts please tell us your needs and the desired conditions of delivery and with pleasure we’ll send you an individual quotation.

B. Order process - this easy you order your vanilla in the online-shop www.vanilla-trade.com 

The payment of the ordered good takes place in a simple & secured way via the service provider PayPal. You need for that to be subscribed to a PayPal-account. That is for you free and with no obligation at all. You can subscribe very easy in few steps. Find more information at www.paypal.de.

There is also the possibility to pay via bank transfer to a German bank account. All details will be given & explained during the order process in our online shop.

For packaging and delivery of usual household quantities, we calculate 2.50 – 4.10 EURO within Germany. In cases of a foreign country order, we calculate 3.50 – 10,00 EURO shipping charges depending on your order amount and country location (see further details also in the Pgraf. 8).
You should receive your vanilla order in approximately 3-5 business days after we receive your order and payment.

You have 14 days time, upon receiving the goods, to exercise your right to complain. Please note the additional detailed references in our Business conditions.

C. C. General business conditions (AGB) for the online-shops www.vanilla-trade.com

1. Validity
These general business conditions apply to all deliveries, services and quotations of Vanilla-trade, Calle 12 No. 527-6A,Fracc. Costa Verde, Boca del Rio, 94294 Veracruz, Mexico, represented through José M. Rodriguez Nieto (in the following: "Vanilla-Trade"). They apply after a first contract is concluded and also for further future business relations even if they are not stipulated specifically once again.

2. Prices

2.1 All prices in our online-shop understand themselves in EURO or GBP, including legal importation sales tax (VAT). International customer have also the opportunity to view prices in US Dollars but our online shop currently doesn’t feature purchasing options neither in USD nor from countries outside of the EU. 

2.2 Discounts- and special single time offers are explicitly described in the articles and are limited in the offer duration. For larger order amounts we can give you special conditions. Please request order terms & prices for large orders by telephone or via e-mail.

3. Orders
Orders are taken via our online-shops, or per e-mail to us, as well as in writing or by telephone. 

4. Purchase contract

4.1 A contract between you and us is established through your order and payment of the good over the PayPal-system / or bank transfer. Vanilla-trade accepts the order through delivery of the ordered goods. The order via the online-shops is limited to usual household quantities (2 pz -0,5kg of vanilla pods). 

4.2 The purchase contract for larger quantities orders outside of our Online-Shops is established and accepted through written confirmation of the order (also per e-mail) by Vanilla-Trade.

4.3 After receiving your order and your PayPal / bank transfer payment you receive an automatic order confirmation. 

4.4 Our offers are subject to change, i.e. we inform you, if the desired good is not available or no longer available and offer alternatives to you. In case of unavailability however we are not obligated to the delivery of the ordered goods.

5. Ways of Payment

5.1 The purchase price becomes due directly with the receipt of the order confirmation (prepayment).

5.2 The payment of the good in our online-shop takes place generally via the electronic PayPal-system; it can take place also through transfer on the account announced and then by means of the order confirmation.

5.3 The bill issued for your order, including importation sales tax (VAT)., will be sent by us together with the delivery of your ordered goods.

6. Delivery

6.1 The sending of the order will take place after receiving your payment. 

6.2 The goods will be sent to the delivery address indicated by the customer 

6.3 Is the delivery or another service impossibly due to higher forces, Vanilla-Trade is not obligated to carry out any such service/delivery. Already paid sums to us will be returned immediately.

6.4 Moreover Vanilla-Trade can deny the service as far as the required expense at the fulfilment of the purchase contract stands in a coarse disproportion to the interest of the buyer. If the delivery of the good should fail in spite of the third delivery attempt, the purchase contract will expire immediately & our customer will be refunded automatically of already paid sums to Vanilla-Trade.

6.5 For orders made in the online-shops the delivery of the good takes place in approx. 3-5 business days after payment was received. For large orders the delivery takes place within 7-10 business days after payment was received. In the exceptional case that these delivery times can not be kept, the buyer is informed immediately.

7. Reservation of proprietary rights
The delivered goods remain Vanilla-Trades property until the buyer has completed all outstanding debts according to the purchase contract. 

8. Shipment & Handling costs
We will always strive to keep sending and packaging costs at the lowest. For deliveries within Germany, we charge e.g. 3.05 € for 1-5 package units of 2 vanilla pods a piece and 4.10€ for orders up to 1kg total weight (state: April 2oo7) For the delivery outside of Germany but inside of the EU shipment fees depend on the amount ordered and buyers location. They range approx. from 3,05-6,55 for 1-10 package units of 2 vanilla pods a piece and 9,05€ for orders up to 1kg total weight (state: April 2oo7). For exact shipment costs please refer to the actual shipment fee in our online shop. 

9. Risk Responsibility
The shipment risks are always responsibility of the Buyer. The risk responsibility transition takes part at the time the goods are handed over to a sending company or otherwise suitable person of a shipment business. 

10. Sending damages
Damages that are traceable to the shipment of the goods must be claimed immediately to the carrier of the goods. 

11. Complaint & replacement
Vanilla is a natural product that we review closely on quality once again before the delivery. If you should nevertheless have ever reason to complaint about a delivery, you must protest immediately with a detailed description after delivery is made or latest 2 weeks after having received your goods. If it is acknowledged that one of our products has a deficiency or does the delivered quantities not match with your order you will receive immediately replacement. At the end of this time period, guarantee rights for apparent damage will be excluded. Please understand that we can not accept any later claims, because the cause of a deficiency can no longer be determined doubt free. We ask you kindly to prepay the return envelope - you will save us (and yourself) expensive after postage fees.

12. Data Protection
Your data protection is an important issue for us. Your personal data and all order information are treated with extreme confidentiality. We exclude specifically all transmission of your data to any third party other than needed for the order & shipment process of your goods. 

13. Liability 
In spite of all care in the creation of our homepages, mistakes in some of our contents are conceivable. Please understand that we can take no liability for that. 

14. Area of fulfilment, jurisdiction and right to be used 
Area of fulfilment and jurisdiction is 92499 Veracruz, Mexico. The Mexican right is applicable.

15. Invalidity 
If a single determinations of our delivery conditions should be ineffectual, this does not touch the effectiveness of the remaining executions.

16. Copyright 
© Copyrighting Vanilla-Trade. The pages of our websites as well as the pictures contained therein enjoy copyright protection after the Copyright law. Publication, duplication, distribution as well as imitation are admissible only with written permission of Vanilla-Trade.