Did you actually know that Mexico is the country of origin of the vanilla? Since centuries the finest gourmet's vanilla is grown here and produced through elaborated procedures in traditional ways. Up till far in the 19-th century Mexico had the monopoly on the vanilla cultivation. At that time the plants still depended on a special kind of bee (Melipoma), which is only spread in Mexico, for their pollination.

Today every single flower of the vanilla plants is fertilised carefully by hand. The vanilla-beans mature during nine to ten months, until they are juicy-green and are harvested one by one per hand. In an elaborate process, including drying several weeks in the sun and to the sorting into qualities, the beans develop the unique aroma of our Mexican Gourmet Vanilla.

As a "black flower" (tlixochitl) the Mexican vanilla was already very much appreciated by the Aztecs. They used the noble spice to flavour their chocolate with it. Still today the Mexican Gourmet Vanilla is deemed by gourmets and professionals, as the most original and finest of all kinds of vanilla.