So much vanilla you need for ...
... 50 "Vanillekipferl" (typical german-austrian christmas cookies): the seeds of a vanilla-bean.
... ½ litres of aromatic vanilla rum: 2 vanilla-beans
... 1 litre of vanilla vinegar: 3-4 vanilla-beans.
... 1 litre of vanilla oil: 5 vanilla-beans
... 1 litre of vanilla ice-cream: 4 vanilla-beans.

We recommend you as a yearly stock 30 - 40 vanilla-beans.

Thus you keep the vanilla
The fine aroma of our Mexican Gourmet Vanilla can be preserved in an airtight vessel about 30 months. Nevertheless should a bean become a little dry, insert it in rum. Thus it becomes smooth again and from the rum you can still mix yourselves a tasty cocktail with fine vanilla aroma.

Connoisseur's tips
You can further use scraped out vanilla beans to produce fragrant vanilla sugar or tasty vanilla milk. With a little vanilla powder you'll give your afternoon coffee a special aroma.

Vanilla vinegar or vanilla oil is very tasty in salads and with roasted crustaceans. Give two vanilla-beans cut open along and halved as well as a pinch of salt in 200 ml olive or grape-seed oil and let the oil rest for some days.

For the vinegar you mix a cut open vanilla-pod with 2 cm of fresh ginger thinly sliced and 250 ml apple vinegar. Let the vinegar rest in a close glass about 4 weeks to absorb the flavour & shake from time to time.