From the classical Christmas biscuits up to savoury dishes with crustaceans - there is a huge number of culinary dishes in which the original Mexican Gourmet Vanilla shouldn't be missing. Here we reveal to you one of our nicest recipes. You find many other delicate recipe ideas in our booklet for downloading.

Cacao a la mexicana
Why don't you try sometime the real Mexican "love potion". For 4 cups you need:

½ litre of milk, ½ cup of dark cocoa powder, ¼ cups of cane sugar, ½ teaspoons of cinnamon powder, 1 pinch of salt, ½ cups of whipped cream, ½ teaspoons of vanilla essence (or one small vanilla bean).

Heat up the milk. Mix in a bowl all dry ingredients and add to the hot milk while quickly stirring it. Allow to boil and than remove the chocolate from the stove. Now stir in the cream and the vanilla.

One more tip: If you use a vanilla- bean instead of vanilla essence, simply boil the scraped out bean with the milk.