Mexican Vanilla-Trade

Mexican vanilla from its origin. We are a company
socially responsible, leader and committed to development
sustainable vanilla in Mexico.


About Us

Vanilla-Trade: Mexican vanilla from its origin. We are a socially responsible company, leader and committed to the sustainable development of vanilla in Mexico.

Vanilla-Trade was created with the objective of bringing the original Mexican vanilla to a stable position within the world market.

We have our own vanilla plantations and are involved in forming small farmer cooperatives, increasing national vanilla production, spreading vanilla cultivation to different local communities and propagating organic agriculture while caring about the environment and equitable distribution.


Our Vision

To be a socially responsible company, leader and committed to the sustainable development of vanilla in Mexico through an agroforestry agriculture approach.

Our Mission

Increase the production volume of the first and original Vanilla in the world, considered by UNESCO as world heritage due to the cultural importance of food ingredients in Mexico and which today reaches no more than 1-3% of global vanilla production.

Sustainable development of local communities through the valorization of their activities and the conservation of the environment.

Preserve tropical forests - a source of high CO 2 sequestration - through providing local farmers with profitable agroforestry cultivation, providing knowledge, plants and tools.

Our commitment

In accordance with its vision and mission and to achieve its sustainable development goals, Vanilla-Trade has made several commitments regarding its partners, employees and customers.

Organize and structure producer associations (providing knowledge, plants, tools, training, as well as quality through good practices and organic agriculture).

Ensure that producers receive a fair price for their products by offering a base price and a share of the actual sales price.

Traceability by installing a system that makes vanilla traceable from the growing area to the final destination.

Reserve a percentage of your turnover for sustainable conservation actions in protected areas.

Promote interaction between producers, distributors, consumers and interested parties in environmental protection


Planted plants


Associated farmers

Estimated CO2 sequestration (kg/year)

Tropical forest Ha

Mexican Vanilla

Vanilla is a vital ingredient that is widely used in many industries, including foods, cosmetics and perfumes. 80% of world vanilla production is concentrated in Madagascar, but did you know that Mexico is the country of origin of vanilla? Cocoa and vanilla are Mexican achievements that have enriched the world's cuisines for centuries.

The Aztecs treated cocoa beans as coins and for centuries the best gourmet vanilla has been grown here and produced through traditionally elaborate procedures. Here, in the heart of Mexico, the story of a rather special pleasure begins.


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