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The Mexican vanilla bean is the most original variety of vanilla because Mexico is the home of this family of orchids and the Totonacas were the first to learn about the cultivation of vanilla. The flavor profile of Mexican vanilla beans is similar to Madagascar vanilla beans, although Mexican vanilla has a softer quality with a pungent, woody fragrance that provides a depth that other vanilla beans cannot match. The bold and robust flavor of Mexican Vanilla pods is perfect in recipes where vanilla plays a starring role, making it perfect in rich baked goods, cheesecakes, chocolate desserts, custards, crème brulee, ice creams and sweet breads.

Unlike bourbon vanilla, the Mexican vanilla variety does not exude any strongly sweet notes, but rather lingers in the background with its strong, woody aroma that leaves a small but cheeky floral aroma at the end. It is also perfect to accompany savory dishes, such as fish, game birds or bitter vegetables, and a pleasant accompaniment to jams and dark chocolate desserts.

We want to make the original Mexican Vanilla available to connoisseurs, food specialists, food lovers and manufacturers. We offer vanilla beans in different quality categories, as well as vanilla powder, vanilla sugar and vanilla extract (2x, 4x and 10x).


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